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  Product and Process Development

NSS offers the following products to our clients:

  • New Products for Hair and Skin
  • High Stability Emusions
  • Nanoparticles and Nanogels and Special Foams
  • Extraction of Plant Products
  • Encapsulation of Products for Consumer Usage
  • Development of Environmentally Friendly Processes

We use environmentally friendly processes for this purpose, avoiding toxic solvents. Depending on the need, the products are further separated into different components. We also perform efficacy testing of the products to ensure their effects. A number of plants have been selected and their efficacy to be used as anti infectious products has been tested successfully.

A range of porous and nonporous nanogels is prepared by using different biocompatible polymers, proteins, lipids and their dynamics of swelling and equilibrium properties have been investigated. These nanogels are tailored to make them sensitive to external environmental conditions, such as change of pH, temperature, light, external stimuli and solvent composition. These nanogels will be used as drugs/ proteins/ DNA /other organic or inorganic actives carrier to release these components into the target point. Different triggers will be developed for the release of the encapsulant, depending on the product requirements.

We have developed quite a few unique processes for the research and testing of products. We offer these processes and also customize them as per the Clients requirements. Contact us by email or phone and we shall arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements.

Our unique advantage is that we screen materials and choose only those which have significant effects, which can be demonstrated statistically and in practical trials with panels.


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