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We understand the challenges of developing and manufacturing new medicines and also enhancing the effects of already approved products. At times, it becomes highly improbable to achieve the results of a research or even the products near completion get stuck due to minor issues. We have the expertise and we bring to our clients, extensive experience in research and development of the drugs and cosmetics development programs.

We know our clients often have limited resources and thus our consultation services come handy and often solve issues, which would otherwise halt the R&D process. Thus by solving time sensitive issues and providing expert advice, we help them focus on their goals and deadlines. Our commitment is to quality, improved technology and efficiency, support their goals.

We provide our expert consultation in the following areas:

  • Hair and Skin Related Issues
  • Fibers and Fabrics, Natural and Synthetic,
  • Nonwoven Fabrics
  • Surface Chemistry and Adhesion of Materials
  • Fiber-Liquid Interactions
  • Absorption and Flow of Liquids in Porous Materials
  • Natural and Synthetic Polymers
  • Oils, Fats and Surfactants
  • Textile Finishes

We have the knowledge and understanding of compounds and issues related with them during various phases of development cycle. We also understand the complexities of regulatory issues, design development programs, and thus create strategies for critical go/no-go decisions.

We understand their needs and thus provide not only scientific consultation but also strategic consultation in the following areas:

    1. Feasibility analysis
    2. Planning (Hygiene Plan, Development plan, Safety Plan, Compliance Plan, etc.)
    3. Controls
    4. Manufacturing Process

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